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This Georgia Ghost Town Now Declared the Creepiest Place in the Peach State

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Thrillist.com has recently published its list of the creepiest places in each state. Care to Guess where Georgia’s is?

Written by Chief Investigative Reporter Kurt Dillon

Throughout America’s storied history, vibrant cities have flourished, but not every town has endured the test of time. This has given rise to a tapestry of abandoned villages and settlements, carrying with them the echoes of days gone by, often referred to as “ghost towns.”

Thrillist embarked on a quest to unearth the “creepiest, coolest” ghost towns across the nation, curating a list of the most spine-chilling locales, one from each state, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. According to the site:

“Some are meticulously restored villages, now catering to curious tourists. Some harbor tales of fleeting prosperity and fleeting lives. Others perfectly fit the mold of what one envisions when hearing ‘ghost town’ — locales where restless spirits are said to reenact past tragedies, providing a unique form of eerie entertainment for those drawn to such phenomena. Whether they’re convenient roadside stop-offs or fully-fledged attractions, each offers a journey through time along America’s winding roadways.”

In the state of Georgia, the eeriest of these abandoned enclaves is Scull Shoals, a name already tinged with an air of the macabre and mysterious. However, if you plan to explore this desolate town nestled in northern Georgia, be forewarned: the land still permits hunting.

Thrillist paints the following portrait:

“Nestled within the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest near the Tennessee border lies the remnants of a ghost town bearing a name tailor-made for such eerie places. Once home to Georgia’s inaugural paper mill, the town’s allure faded in the wake of flooding and soil erosion, revealing its inhospitable nature. Behind a fence, you can still catch a glimpse of the mill building and the scattered chimneys, now mere relics of an industrial past. Yet, exercise caution and stick to marked trails if you intend to linger in this abandoned village; hunting is still permitted in the vicinity.”

This, like most ghost towns, frozen in time, stands as a silent witness to America’s ever-evolving narrative, offering those who venture into its forsaken environs, a haunting glimpse into a past that continues to echo through the ages.

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