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Legislation Officially Drafted to Keep Biden Off Ballots in PA, AZ & GA – TX Could Be Next

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GOP lawmakers have now officially banned together to draft formal legislation that would keep President Joe Biden off the ballots in those states

Joe Biden appears worried about his future
Joe Biden, at a recent China summit, appears concerned


Written by Political Correspondent KD Joseph

Republicans in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are making a move to eliminate President Joe Biden from the election ballots in each of those states respectively.

The three GOP lawmakers are spearheading this effort—Pennsylvania Rep. Aaron Bernstine, Georgia Rep. Charlice Byrd, and Arizona Rep. Cory Mcgarr, have now drafted a bill intending to exclude President Biden from the respective states’ ballots.

This initiative follows the recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove former President Donald Trump from the Colorado Republican primary ballot. The move faced strong criticism from Republicans nationwide and even drew disapproval from members across party lines.

In response to potential similar actions by California Democrats, Governor Gavin Newsom conveyed this message to his party in a recent interview with Politico:

“There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a threat to our liberties and even to our democracy, but in California, we defeat candidates at the polls. Everything else is a political distraction.”

Speaking to Breitbart News, the three Republicans emphasized their joint effort to introduce legislation aimed at removing Joe Biden from the ballots in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. They expressed discontent with the precedent set by the removal of Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot, asserting that, by Democrats’ own interpretation of the law, Joe Biden would also be ineligible to run for political office.

If successful, the removal of President Biden from primary ballots in these key states could pose a significant challenge to his nomination, given the crucial role these states play in the election process. The lawmakers argued that the Democrats’ rationale for removing Trump could equally apply to Biden, citing concerns about the southern border “insurrection” and alleged corrupt business dealings with China.

Of course, since this is a developing story, you can count on The Peach Explorer to keep you informed of any developments as new information becomes available.

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